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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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from the scene. we'll be checking back in on the fire and let you know how things are proceeding this evening. developing news. it looks like santa clara may have engineered a winning drive to score "super bowl l." the south bay's biggest rival to host the 2016 title game, the city of miami, may have punted away its chance a short time ago. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre in santa clara where bay area super bowl watchers are waiting for the final whistle. >> reporter: boosters of miami's super bowl bid are counting on a vote of the florida legislature bring taxpayer funds to the table to help renovate miami stadium to compete with the brand-new 49ers stadium. but today the florida legislature killed that plan by adjourning for the year and taking no action. the florida legislature met for the last day of its session and it was high drama in tallahassee as lawmakers considered a bill to help renovate sun life stadium home of the miami dolphins. >> it's the 4th quarter. >> some would say it's the last minute of the game.
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>> we're on the final drive but, you know, we're not giving up. we're going to try to make that touchdown. >> reporter: former miami dolphins quarterback dan marino was seen behind the scenes at the florida legislature on thursday. it appeared to be a "hail mary" attempt by the dolphins to persuade a vote. they were trying to get $350 million to upgrade sun life stadium which would then have to be approved by florida voters. the whole plan went down to defeat as the legislature ended its session. while what appears to be legislative chaos was taking place in tallahassee, the mayors of san francisco, santa clara and san jose recently had a big show of support for the bay area's super bowl bid. the messages the selection of the new 49ers stadium for the 2016 super bowl would be a win for the entire bay area. >> we want that "super bowl l" very badly. we can smell it.
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>> reporter: in a statement, the : >> while things are seemingly collapsing with florida's bid the city of santa clara has already made some important concessions to lure the super bowl and the nfl here, for example, the city has agreed to waive its 9.5% hotel tax for nfl employees and also nfl team members if the super bowl comes here. they have also decided to waive some various surcharges that would apply to regular season tickets. so santa clara, allen, and the entire bay area still working very hard on its bid. >> mark, about an hour ago, i heard a reporter in miami say, well, this is the nail in the coffin. it's a done deal. but really it isn't. when is the final decision? >> reporter: it is not a done deal. may 21 is when the nfl and team owners will be making the final decision. it's important to point out that miami still has a bid. it's not like this lack of action by the legislature has meant that there is no bid.
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the issue is that the bid is going to be weaker because they were counting on $300 million in stadium renovations. they are probably not going to have that happen now unless we get private donations. so it makes their bid less competitive. >> thank you, mark sayre. ken bastida continuing our coverage live with mobile5 at santa clara city hall. more on what the bay area hopes to get out of the super bowl than just the game. >> reporter: i talked to the santa clara mayor a couple of minutes ago and addressed what mark brought up, the concessions especially with respect to the hotel taxes. and he told me, you know, that's really kind of a red herring because that amounts to about 350 hotel rooms out of an expected 35,000 hotel rooms that will be used by people coming to the super bowl. he is absolutely elated kind of privately but publicly in front of our camera he had the stone face saying, as mark said, it's not a done deal.
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it's way too early, he says, to pop the champagne corks. >> following this obviously what's your reaction? >> well, we're not popping any champagne corks but it's obviously a positive development. but you have to realize that they have had 10 super bowls. and so we can't count them out. the 8th is when the actual bids go in. then the 21st is when the owners vote. we have an extraordinarily strong bid. >> reporter: the bid is strong because it's a multi-city bid. it's mayor lee in san francisco, mayor reed in san jose, and the mayor here in santa clara, all getting together to sell really the bay area as the site for "super bowl l." so what does that mean to the area? financially it means about a half a billion dollars in revenue. about $500 million and everybody is holding their breath all the paperwork goes in on the 8th. and as was mentioned earlier, the owners will meet, there's 15 minutes for each side to present the case and then they vote on the 21st.
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>> the only better thing is the last super bowl the 49ers are in it and win it. >> reporter: that's a possibility with the way the team has performed last year certainly and they will have, you know, 2014 to work out the bugs, 2015. >> it's go. >> thank you, ken. now to developing news in southern california. that massive wildfire in ventura county has nearly doubled in size since just this morning. the so-called springs fire now covers more than 28 square miles. it's 20% contained. but thousands of homes are still threatened. strong shifting winds have driven the fire in different directions today. and 90-degree temperatures are making a tough job even tougher for fire crews. we'll have a live report from southern california in just a few minutes. and some of the crews along those firelines are from right
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here in the bay area. so far, 150 firefighters are in ventura county battling that fire. kpix 5's da lin talked to some of them as they got ready to head out. >> start filling up on top. >> there's plenty of room in here now. >> reporter: five engines and 22 firefighters -- [ no audio ] >> we're having technical difficulties. with dozens of bay area firefighters going to southern california, fire officials called in other off-duty firefighters to fill in those vacancies. they say that the deployment won't impact local fire protection. meanwhile, firefighters here put out this grassfire in san mateo county this afternoon. the fire filled the sky with smoke in brisbane but didn't threaten any structures. the fire danger going up again in parts of the bay area. chief meteorologist paul deanno has more on that for us. >> the fire danger is going to
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be high for the next several months. what we need is a mitigating factor to take it from high to extreme like the winds. and that's what happened a couple of days ago, what's happening now in southern california. it is what will happen tonight and tomorrow in the north bay. north bay hills you're under a red flag warning again. relative humidity will drop below 30%. the wind is going to pick up tonight and early tomorrow. taking that fire danger from high to extreme. let's talk about today's highs. another toasty one out there. mid-90s for sunnyvale and saratoga. san jose officially hit 89. low 90s for alamo. berkeley you cooled off right on the waterfront there. 80. union city 89. 90 for belmont and at sfo we hit 84 but at ocean beach on the water we hit only 67. warm in vacavill santa rosa 90. humidity going up and we have a 20 to 30-degree temperature change coming to the bay area. find out when it is going to happen, when we have a chance
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of rain, coming up. >> thank you. checking bay area headlines a man suspected of killing after castro valley woman in oregon appeared in marin county superior court today. jeffrey boyce is not charged with the murder yet but faced a judge on charges of carjacking drivers monday in the north bay. he has not entered a plea. in san francisco, building inspectors carefully watching this house are because that van slammed into the side of it this morning. the driver went off the cliff at twin peaks boulevard crashing into that home. now there's a risk that the building is unstable. one person was taken to the hospital. expect beefed up security for cinco de mayo festivities in san jose this weekend. police say they are hoping for a peaceful celebration but are bringing in special patrols to keep things from getting out of hand. last year, there were 21 arrests. san jose is known for hosting the largest annual cinco de mayo celebration in northern california. contaminated food or water
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are the primary ways in which it's spread. >> bay area diners could be exposed. how patrons of a popular mall restaurant could be exposed to typhoid fever. >> as i grew, i just knew that i would never be able to -- i would never give up and never stop learning. >> how a bay area student praised by president obama is on the verge of a very inspiring accomplishment. >> they're not rejects. they're not flung fridgies. they are just looking for -- flunkies. they're just looking for another profession. >> families with dogs with imperfections. coming up. ,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week.
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california are from right he in the bay area. ighters are in southern california, that fire continues to rage on. some of the crews in southern california are from right here
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in the bay area. so far 150 firefighters are in ventura county battling that fire. kpix 5's da lin talked to some of them as they got ready to head out. >> start filling up on top. there's plenty of room in here now. >> reporter: five engines and 22 firefighters are packing up and heading south to camarillo. >> you can see it's a shorter wheel base and raised up higher. >> reporter: firefighter paul rivera got the order this morning. >> my wife just found out about 20 minutes that i'm going down south. >> reporter: tough on the family but leaving on a moment's notice is part of the job. >> this is about my 8th time going down. she expects it. >> they know what to do when i'm gone. >> reporter: paul and other firefighters from the alameda county, oakland, hayward and fremont fire departments will form a strike team to protect homes. >> we will back up an engine to an individual house and it will be our job to basically keep the fire at bay. we're not going to stop the fire but anything that
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penetrates and maybe a shingle or something that catches on fire, we can put that out. >> reporter: this is the second team of firefighters leaving the bay area today to reinforce firefighters in ventura county. a different team left early this morning. >> you guys are using every inch. >> every inch. yeah. there's four of us got to put all our gear in here. >> reporter: they packed clothes, equipment and emergency supplies for the trip. the goal, they say, is to protect homes, save lives and come back to their families. these firefighters leaving right now could be down there for a day or even 10 days. they don't know yet. typically, with this kind of deployment, they try to limit the time to no more than a week. in newark, i'm da lin, kpix 5. san francisco health officials are issuing a warning to people who shopped at a popular mall. they say a food handler in
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nordstrom's cafe at stonestown galleria was infected with typhoid fever. and he could have spread the infectious disease to customers who ate there on april 16, 17, 18, 20 and 27th. testing is advised only for people who developed symptoms. but those include high fever, stomach pains, vomiting or rash. >> most people just become mildly to moderately ill. but there's a certain small percentage of people who go on to become very ill and there have been cases of deaths reported from this. >> nordstrom has set up two test labs for customers and says it will help with medical costs. testing sites at the franciscan treatment room and sutter park medical foundation. now, people who live in san francisco without medical insurance can go to san francisco general's urgent care clinic. a plane powered solely by the sun is en route to making history. kpix 5's anne makovec shows us
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the aircraft that's taking green technology to new heights. >> reporter: the solar impulse took off this morning from moffett field on an unprecedented journey across america. it can fly all day and night without using a single drop of fuel. >> the way forward. that's the innovation and the adventure of the 21st century. >> reporter: that's one of its pilots, bertrand piccard who doesn't fly planes but balloons. he made the first nonstop hot air balloon trip around the world in 1999 and today is making history again. >> systems, lighting systems. with the technologies we have on board, we can divide by two the energy consumption of our world. >> reporter: the solar impulse has 12,000 solar cells spread across its 208-foot wings. they power an 881-pound battery that can run when it's dark, which is good because the first leg of this journey to phoenix is a 19-hour flight. the plane only goes an average of 35 miles an hour but it's
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still a stunner. >> the plane is super cool. it's amazing. they're probably going to have these in the future. >> reporter: they are streaming live video now of the flight in progress online. the plane came from switzerland, but its pilots decided to make this historic flight across the u.s. >> that's the country where aviation started. i think both of us have been inspired by what happened here in aviation, but also for all the technologies which have been developed. >> reporter: the solar impulse is set to land in phoenix at 1:00 tomorrow morning. the whole journey will end in new york in june. at moffett field, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> and you can follow the solar impulse's journey right now online. we added a link to the live streaming video on our website, no problems feeling any solar impulse today around the bay area. >> yeah. if you have your sunscreen on or you'll have a solar burn tomorrow. everybody's arms, faces and necks are getting red in this pattern. >> good thing it's the weekend. >> time to get outside. as we begin to cool down it's
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going to be more comfortable to get outside. i know your threshold, everybody's favorite temperature differs but we'll be trending cooler beginning tomorrow. not cold but cooler. we are going to get chilly toward next week. mount diablo looking good from our dublin cam. wow! that may be some breaking news right there, folks. that's some black smoke in the background of our shot right there. i'm sure the newsroom is on it. we'll let you know what's going on. certainly a large fire in the background there. i'll cover the weather. today's highs, gilroy 95, livermore 93, napa 92, concord 91, san francisco 79. you cooled down. and half moon bay one day removed from 87. your high 71 degrees. as i mentioned, more on that fire that you saw in the background coming up. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar dry and really interesting, depending on where you get your water, you're going to be in a big heap of trouble if it comes from the snowpack which is at 17%. but our large reservoirs are at 97%. so it's really region by region
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depending where you get your water because there's a huge disparity. high pressure, which gave us hot weather the past couple of days, is heading toward the pacific northwest and southern british columbia. that's going to open the door -- this is kind of an odd pattern here -- for low pressure to work its way back from the east. we begin to cool off tomorrow. sunday the low is over. it will be cooler and cloudier. and we actually have a chance of rainfall monday afternoon. there could be a shower or two, maybe even a late-day thunderstorm in the north bay hills. that coming up on monday. tomorrow, we begin to trend cooler. san francisco down to 69 degrees downtown. still warm, not hot, for livermore. high of 86. san jose will drop to 81. oakland you're going down to 76. santa rosa 82. up in wine country napa 84 degrees tomorrow. look at the change on sunday. it will not be hot. some of you would argue it's not even going to be warm. low to mid-70s. that's it. could see a sprinkle or two monday afternoon before we dry out. slowly get back close to 80 degrees inland. we'll stay right around 70 near
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the bay. so bottom line is this hot sunny pattern is just about over once we're finished with tomorrow. >> all right. paul, thank you. we are going to borrow your weather camera because that was such a good shot, let's fill in people with what we know. this is out in the south bay as paul said. san jose. now, we are told this is actually a grassfire. it is burning near eastridge mall. this is as we say one of our weather camera shots. thick smoke across the santa clara valley. you can see there's not much wind blowing out there right now, is there, paul? >> there's not much wind out there, but my concern is, that's a very populated valley. any grassfire, even -- there are grassy patches within very large subdivisions right in the urban core there. so i'm sure firefighters are on it. but winds thankfully not an issue down in the south bay but proximity to hundreds of homes? it's hot, it's dry, we are going to be seeing things like this on a daily basis for a while. >> we get more details. again, this is burning near
6:20 pm
eastridge mall in san jose. at the end of it all there's things we just won't be able to feel for him. >> but he is on the road to recovery. coming up, the parents of the bay area boy injured in the boston bombings give us an update on his progress. >> bay area families wait years for one of these pets but not because they are the pick of the litter. why falling short puts these dogs in high demand. coming up. versus beautyrest versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three y interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ is more fun than ever. sees better than ever. ♪ charges faster. and will charge. cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america.
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but they are out there. in fact.. there are certain kis of dogs that are so popular, it can be a challenge finding a good obedient dog but they are out there. in fact, there are certain kinds of dogs that are so popular people wait years to get one. linda yee shows us what makes them so great? they aren't perfect. >> ready, jammer? ready, boy? >> reporter: to his owner, he is an ideal dog. >> jammer!
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>> reporter: but jammer is a guide dog school dropout. [ laughter ] >> he flunked. he is a reject. [ laughter ] >> reporter: jammer never made it to this training. he didn't quite have the temperament to do what this dog learned about guiding a blind person away from danger. >> good girl! >> reporter: in fact, more than 40% of the 800 labradors and retrievers bred here every year at guide dogs for the blind flunk out. for the first year and a half they learn to play and socialize while temporarily living with puppy families. that's when it's decided who is in or out for guide dog training. >> we try to do everything we can to get them there. but sometimes it doesn't happen and they are what we call career changed. >> reporter: career changed? >> yes. >> reporter: not rejects? >> not rejects. they're not rejects. they're not flunkies. they are just looking for another career. >> reporter: so where do these dogs end up?
6:24 pm
it turns out, they are in demand. >> sit, sit. good girl! >> she's smart, focused. she is obedient. >> reporter: but for a lot of other reasons, she will never be a good dog. too distracted, say the experts here. but still good enough to help someone else. >> when we evaluated her, we thought she had some capabilities to go into another service organization so she is in fact going to a medical alert program. >> reporter: other problems could be medical or in the case of this black lab, she just makes a better family pet. >> dunn, good girl. >> reporter: guide dogs get about 1500 applications a year from people who will pay the $750 fee to adopt one of these dogs. but the criteria to qualify is strict. potential adoptees are thoroughly researched. >> play dead. >> reporter: this family from walnut creek waited years to get keno. they say they won the lottery. >> go get it, jammer. >> reporter: for doug, jammer helped fill a hole in his heart when his last dog died
6:25 pm
suddenly. >> you know, if it makes families like me happy, with a reject, they are going -- they like career changed. with career changed dogs, they are doing a lot of good for everybody. >> reporter: and life couldn't be better for both of them. >> good dog. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> we all have a unique calling, don't we? if you are interested in applying to adopt one of these do, we have a link at coming up in the next half hour, thousands of homes threatened by the wildfires in southern california. how one of the biggest fires is carving a path toward a popular oceanside community. >> the parents of the boy injured in the boston marathon bombing, what they say is the hardest thing he is dealing with. >> it's incredible. it's like -- kind of like the holograms i used to see in movies. >> we got our hands on a pair of the google glass.
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so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. grass fire burning near thet ridge mall thick smoke visae across santa clara valley... this is let's go back out to breaking news in san jose. these are live pictures of a
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grassfire burning near the eastridge mall. you can see that thick smoke visible across santa clara valley. now, this is a shot from our san jose camera. this is burning in sort of an open space along quimby and rigoletto. here's a map of it right now. now, there is a neighborhood that is right next to the open space. that of course will be a concern for fire crews. let's go back out to those pictures. you can see the smoke there. paul, it doesn't look like the smoke is really moving around violently. is weather really impacting this fire, you think? >> two things you can tell weather-wise from the picture. one, you don't have strong surface winds or else that spoke would be blowing a lot more than it is right now. i'm looking at all of the wind barbs in san jose, the winds information from the south bay. nothing more than a 10-mile-per- hour breeze which is great news because in this type of urban fire environment, you don't want strong winds. we're not seeing that right now. also, see how the smoke hits a point in the atmosphere as it goes up and spreads out? that tells us high pressure is sitting over us still. almost like hitting a ceiling
6:30 pm
in the atmosphere and then that fire -- the smoke at least is spreading out. there's chopper video of the fire. really interesting here. we have seen a lot of these urban grassfires. the bottom of a car can get really hot. all you have to do with things this dry is pull over to the side of a road. if you get some of that dry brush under there, that could start a fire or something like throwing a cigarette butt out of the car. so a lot of these things are happening in the urban core. we have seen five or six in the past few days. >> just a little something like that can start a fire like this it's so hot and dry. >> it's amazing how you can trace all these fires back to january when our rain stopped. it's been so dry for four months, that grass, which grew really high in november and december when it poured, is now just ready to go. all it takes is a cigarette butt or a car, catalytic converter going over it and you have a problem. >> thank you. we'll keep you updated on this breaking news of a grassfire burning in san jose right now fire that the eastridge mall. right now, thousands of
6:31 pm
homes are threatened. new evacuations have been ordered as firefighters battle several wildfires in southern california. strong winds there pushing one of the biggest fires 18,000- acre springs fire in ventura county. teresa garcia monitoring the latest from the command center in christi camblor rio. >> reporter: good evening. the big thing that the fire firefighters having hoping for since this started yesterday morning in camarillo is that the infamous santa ana winds would die down. they didn't die down. they just did an about-face shift. they switched around and basically coming in from the coast coming inland towards these coastal canyons. so you see a lot of spots out there -- there have been plenty of aircraft dropping water and fire retardant. this is a more populated area down the road so the commanders have been ordering mandatory evacuations. people stood on their roofs as firefighters scrambled to save their homes from the wall of fire that engulfed the surrounding hillside a river of flames snaking near the pacific ocean and plumes of smoke covering the coastline.
6:32 pm
the wildfire that began in camarillo has devoured almost 18,000 acres and is now moving south toward malibu. >> the fire has jumped highway 1 and is now burning in some of the grass and light fuels there on the south side of the highway. >> reporter: the state highway patrol has shut down an 11-mile stretch of the pacific coast highway down to the ventura/l.a. county line. more than 950 firefighters are battling hard to protect surrounding homes. the santa ana winds have died down a bit, but you can see it's still extremely windy. firefighters say the flames are moving fast and they are concerned the shifting winds could make this fire unpredictable. crews are setting control fires to clear heavy dry brush while air tankers drop water and fire retardant on hot spots. the fire is just 10% contained -- the fire is now 20% contained, has damaged 15 homes and is threatening 4,000 more. entire neighborhoods about 20 miles west of malibu were evacuated while animals ran for safer ground. the fire swept past john shipper's home.
6:33 pm
>> just larger peak behind me was then fully engulfed and you could see smoke in front of it. >> reporter: firefighters are hoping this weekend's forecast of rain and cooler temperatures will bring some relief. so, allen, one of the big things when these winds made this late switch is that it finally pushed away from that community of malibu. so they can breathe a little bit of relief. but not so out here because down the road they did more evacuations and again, we have seen more people taking their animals out trying to do some last-minute brush clearance down there, as well. tomorrow, the new thing is they are going to have a dc-10 air tanker come here. that's going to be a huge boost to some of the smaller craft doing the drops out here. >> as far as the weather change, by sunday we'll see a big drop in temperatures. are you expecting that big a difference down there? >> reporter: it's the same thing. we had a record high in this area of 96 degrees yesterday. by sunday, they are expecting it to drop at least 20 degrees
6:34 pm
if not more. so we have that onshore ocean breeze coming in. the potential, yes, for some rain. but even if that doesn't happen, the fact that it's cooling down and the winds shift that will certainly help. one way or another, hopefully firefighters will get the upper hand. >> thank you, teresa garcia. breaking news in san jose. this is live chopper camera footage of the grassfire burning near the eastridge mall. you can thick, black smoke across santa clara valley. this is burning in an open space along quimby and rigoletto but there is a neighborhood right next to it and that of course will be a concern for fire crews. we'll keep you updated. stay with us. tonight, we have an update on a story we have been reporting involving a bay area church. here's linda yee. >> reporter: kpix 5 has reported on the department of corporations desist and refrain
6:35 pm
order filed against michael parker and pastor lacy hawkins of the general assembly church, accused by the state of violating securities laws in soliciting investments from church members. the church was not named in the state's order and there are no allegations against the church in the order. we also said the church was under criminal investigation. sources do tell us that the investigation is limited to parker and hawkins, not the church. the attorney general's office will neither confirm nor deny that. to clarify, we reported a judge's decision upholding the state's desist and refrain order regarding misleading investment sales included hawkins but because hawkins failed to request a hearing in time, the ruling involved only parker. we also would like to note that the judge's order did not find that parker and hawkins operated a business without a license or profited from that venture. in the newsroom, linda yee, kpix 5. back to the breaking news
6:36 pm
out of the south bay. this grassfire that's burning near eastridge mall a little better location for you. it is west of capitol expressway and just north of the george lava middle school. it's burning in this open space as you can see. chopper 5 is getting much closer to it now. we can see the actual fireline. but if chopper 5 pulls out -- well, there at the bottom of the screen you can see there are homes close by. there is a neighborhood right next to this open space. you can see one crew just off to the left there. they have crews on the ground. so far no aerial assault that we have seen yet. but i think we are going to try to get our chief meteorologist paul deanno in on this and give us an update on the weather conditions there, paul. >> weather is cooperating with this. obviously, we're talking about dry conditions and a brush fire. so weather was a major cause of this but now that the fire is burning, this could be potentially a horrible situation if the wind was 20 or 25 miles per hour. i'm looking at a map of where this location is, and you can't
6:37 pm
miss houses in any direction. so really we should be very thankful that we're only looking at winds of 5 to 10 miles per hour because if this thing was blowing like it was a couple of days ago, this would be a major problem. you have houses to the west, middle school to the south, highway and houses to the east. and a mall to the north. so this is an open space surrounded by people in every direction. >> paul, thank you. i have also been told they have made two chopper drops, two water drops from helicopters so far. so there's a good idea of how the smoke is spreading over the valley in the south bay tonight. so we'll keep an eye on this fire burning near eastridge mall in open space so far. again, this is near quimby and rigoletto. earlier the chopper shots showed some flames and it appears that the firefighters have developed some sort of fireline along that area. again, very close to neighborhoods there trying to get a handle on this fire that's burning in a very grassy area. there you can see the flames
6:38 pm
very, very close to homes. this is near a middle school and the west capitol expressway. it seems to be kind of burning in the sort of rugged terrain sort of. i mean, you know, it's a lot of grassy area. but a very wide open space. >> you can see what it's done to traffic, too, also. the rush hour isn't helping. they haven't stopped traffic along that highway. they haven't closed it down. but certainly the smoke is a concern. there's one of the choppers making a pass that we saw earlier today. george lava middle school is close by. fortunately, they got out earlier in the afternoon for the weekend. but as the chopper kind of moves down there, you can see an open field. let's go back to paul. >> i'm just looking at a map online versus what our chopper is showing. on the western edge of this grassy field, that's the one area where i'm seeing the most firefighters. it's also the one area where homes directly go against the park. there is no buffer of a road or a highway. the basically the grassy area goes right up against the
6:39 pm
homes. the top right of your television screen if you are look at home. it looks like what's burning now is on the opposite side of that and that's the side closer to capitol expressway. so we want the fire burning toward a road more than toward homes and right now that's what looks like is happening. >> two helicopters arrived and made two drops already to put it out before they spread any further. >> let's take the map rea quick. you can see how the open space is surrounded there by the highway and how homes are as paul was saying -- but right up against that western side of the open space. >> we have the picture there of the flame just to the west of that, you have a very densely populated area. i'm look at house upon house upon house. it looks like their backyards go right into that open space, which is on a normal day would be nice but today not. >> no. there's a good shot of the ground crew how they are getting water on that one fireline. so a lot of smoke, fortunately
6:40 pm
not big flames. fortunately not big winds like we had the other day. but still it's hot and the air quality is going to be bad for those living right around there. >> you know what? it's may 3rd. this is the kind of stuff we see in you will. >> it gets dry here every summer. we don't get wet in the summer. but this is very early in the season for us to be seeing so many of these. we had about 3 or 4 yesterday. this is about the third one today. these small fires within the -- use the term urban core, basically where people are. and most of us are started by us. somebody throws out a cigarette butt, it catches on fire. >> we just started our dry season too because we didn't get rain after the first of the year. not like we got in december. >> the grass will dry out typically in july or august. everything is bone dry and it's only may. so we just have to be extra careful because we want to minimize. >> something so small could start something so big? >> it takes so little. it takes very, very little human activity in the wrong way
6:41 pm
to cause something big because once these things go, they are going to go. >> you can see the helicopter right there about ready to make another water drop if it already did, clearly fighting it from the ground and the sky right now. >> we know it's burning near the mall and homes but nobody is evacuating. it's not that kind of a situation. but we'll keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get out of control -- we haven't been given an estimate of how much acreage, but this is open space as we showed you on the map. and there at the top of the screen you can see what the highway -- the street that's running along there and what's happening with traffic, pretty much at a standstill. >> rush hour now everybody trying to get home. you can see how close this fire to get to homes. it's right there so they are really trying to attack this -- >> this is a water drop. >> there's a lake basically kitty corner from there. i'm going to look at it here. cunningham lake, less than a mile away. so they are looking to pick up some water -- if there's ever going to be a brush fire, do it
6:42 pm
close to water. that's what we have now. >> see some flames right there. definitely trying to target those. those flames are very, very close to homes. you saw the firefighters on the other side of the fire kind of covering that line. but clearly that will be the -- that area right there is going tonight next plan of attack. you can see really close just maybe half a block away from structures there. >> it doesn't look -- it looks like a business right there actually. >> yeah. this is -- there is an intersection of quimby and capitol expressway and we are on the southwestern corner of that. all of that is this grassy space except for right on the corner. you have about three or four businesses and it looks like the back of those businesses go right up against to where the fire is which is probably what we're looking at on television right now. we have nina's blinds and shades, musicians warehouse, river of life family church. >> you are right ton. >> what's scary about these flames is look how close they are to the trees. just one ember or something that could spark another fire over there.
6:43 pm
>> yeah. if i'm not mistaken, some of those look like eucalyptus trees and they are bad fuel with the oil in them. as far as we know, no houses are directly threatened. there is a concern of course because of the neighborhood close by. but it's burning in this open space near eastridge mall at quimby and rigoletto and in the san jose area east san jose. >> it looks like in the past several minutes the smoke has dissipated a little bit and at least the flames that we're looking at are on the far side of the space. >> the weather shot gave us a wide eye of the valley how the smoke has thinned out. >> the smokes is not going anywhere. so it may look more ominous than it is because the smoke that was set into the air an
6:44 pm
hour ago is going to thin out slowly. so wow, look at the size of that fire just looking at the width of the smoke plume there. a lot of that is what burned before and isn't escaping because we have this lid of high pressure on top of us. >> trying to get a good idea on the traffic report. just a flicker in our chopper 5 shot there. but we showed you how traffic was bad along the one roadway but we have dispatched ken bastida from santa clara to that area. we are told he is trying to make his way but he is stuck in traffic. >> right. friday night rush hour. everybody is on the road. this is impacting things right now. another kind of different shot of the flames. you can see right there -- back again. what is kind of hard to see with the smoke is if it's burning just grass right there or near bushes. >> 101 is to the west. the big intersection of capitol expressway and 101 is, i would say, about a half mile to the south and west.
6:45 pm
it's going to take ken a while to get there because traffic on a good day without a fire is a problem in that area. >> again, it's burning near the eastridge mall burning near quimby and rigoletto streets in this kind of open grass area. but it is very, very close to homes and businesses. and firefighters attacking this from the air, from the ground, we saw a couple of water drops just recently. and just trying to get a handle on it or at least to contain it to this area before it gets in closer to homes. >> we know san jose fire is involved with this and with the chopper drops, i'm going to have to assume that's cal fire helping out with that. we don't know exactly how many firefighters are on the ground. at this point, that's the main firefight is on the ground with just a couple of choppers scooping water from the nearby lake as paul pointed out trying to keep it away from homes. they are the first concern as well as businesses. just keep it contained within the open space near eastridge mall. >> san jose fire is saying that
6:46 pm
the fire is currently contained to this area that we're looking at right now, which is good news if they can keep it contained because that means it's not spreading to any homes or businesses. clearly impacting traffic but right now not impacting any neighborhoods as far as evacuations or potential for burning homes right now. >> it's friday afternoon in may. this should be an awesome reminder for all of us that we have to be extra careful anytime we're out in the woods especially on a beautiful weekend like we're going to have because this happened with very few people there, possibly with a car goin by. this is a high fire danger. all it takes is a little something to create a big mess. >> we think that when we see the pictures from southern california and how horrific that has been for those folks down there. and we think, well, you know,
6:47 pm
that's down there. but, this is a good reminder. it can happen here at any time. >> we're in the middle of san jose in the middle of the city. >> we have been seeing these little fires every, single day in fact. this isn't a little fear but fires being sparked like we said by a cigarette. yesterday a little brush fire on the side of a freeway probably sparked by something just being dry and so warm. >> we did stories earlier this week talking about how cal fire and other fire departments have taken on additional crews early. their accuracy is incredible. they are ramping up crews and they are ready to go and this is why. we can't be ready or too cautious. >> we started reporting this fire about 10 minutes ago? >> 6:15 actually. we saw the first picture. >> about a half hour ago. and firefighters were actually able to contain this fire according to san jose fire. it's contained to where you see the flames now chopper pulling
6:48 pm
out. you can see the large scope of this. you can see all the smoke and where the area has burned in this kind of grassy area. nothing has been disrupted at the mall as far as we know. people have been allowed to stay there and enjoy their evening. but those folks to the left might be businesses but they are getting the brunt of this smoke for sure. >> paul, you said right now the wind is just sort of really not making -- you can see the smoke dissipating a little bit. there you go. you can see a live -- >> there's the lake. that's the one we're talking about. >> cunningham lake right there. thank you for having a lake next to the fire. wind, yeah. wind would be a big problem here because you have houses just to the west so an east wind like we had yesterday would have been a big problem. the winds down there 10, 15, 20 miles per hour out of the east, not seeing that today. right now in that general area
6:49 pm
i have a northwest wind around 4 miles per hour. that's about as calm as it gets in the south bay in an afternoon in may. and that may be the saving grace of why this will just be a grassfire and not a grassfire that stretches towards houses. >> and our cooloff, we are going to see some tomorrow but not a big cooloff until sunday, right? >> we are going to see it on sunday. it will be a little bit tomorrow. we are going to see it on sunday. there are two things you don't want to have when it comes -- it's dry. it's dry, going to be dry, let's just accept that fact and go with t fire danger will be high. two things that could make a bad situation worse. one, low humidity which we have now. we have that. two the gusty winds. we don't want the gusty winds. so we have the low humidity today. that's probably one of the reasons why this fire is burning but we don't want strong winds. we don't have that now. now, looking forward to sunday and monday, the wind is going to pick up but it's the onshore flow bringing in more humidity making fuels less ripe to burn which makes the likelihood of seeing these fires go down.
6:50 pm
even though the winds will increase, the likelihood of fires like this at the top of next week will go down. but it's may, we are going to see more and more of these throughout the spring and summer. >> absolutely. >> helicopter. getting ready to make another water drop on the flames as they work to put the flames out. they have it contained to that area but it's pretty dramatic to actually seat water drops. >> when you see this, look how much more open space is still available to burn. there's still a lot of dry grass and brush and as you said earlier, elizabeth, the trees are there. it's incredible fuel. >> then it's a different ballgame because it can spread to other structures and businesses and homes in the area. >> for those of you just tuning in just joining us, this is a fire that -- well, we first spotted it with our weathercam at about 6:15.
6:51 pm
it's been burning probably a good 10 minutes before that. it fire is in san jose at the eastridge mall at quimby and rigoletto. it's burning in open space but there are homes that abut up to the open space. they are making strategic water drops to keep the flames away from the yards. >> clearly impacting traffic now. ken bastida is on the way to get a live report on the ground and simple packed by traffic. firefighters are trying to make sure this fire is out as soon as speaker of the house all that dry brush that you were seeing then adds major fuel for the fire. an overhead shot where it burned, there's the smoke. it has every has definitely
6:52 pm
cleared sickly since 10, 15 minutes ago. clearly making progress on the ground. >> what smoke there there was when it was thick, it's dissipated which is great. smoke is lighter in color so they are getting water on it. again, this grassfire burning san jose an open space near eastridge mall until san jose. no evacuations in any of the neighborhoods nor at the mall. west capitol expressway traffic effect there and 101 west traffic affected there on friday night. >> this is a map of the area near two major roads there. people trying to get home from work. it's near the eastridge mall near quimby and rigoletto. there are homes and businesses in the area. we are looking at flames earlier. they got near a business.
6:53 pm
>> i just found an airport reporting station. there's the reid airport north of the location. i found the relative humidity there in the past hour, 13%. >> wow. >> so we don't have the wind. the winds are west at about 10 miles per hour. 13% relative humidity is very dry. that's going to change. that will change tomorrow. that's going to change a lot by sunday and monday. so the fire danger moving forward will decrease because we are going to get more water. >> teresa garcia in southern california pointed out the santa ana winds out of the east, they stopped. the winds shifted and then they got their coastal winds back. the onshore wind. so are we going to see more fog influence, more of a coastal influence? >> absolutely. 13% relative humidity this spot right now i'd say by sunday, 40 or 50% and then we'll probably stay well above that threshold of fire danger because you want to keep relative humidity above 30%. we have been below it for three or four straight days.
6:54 pm
that's a big factor in whether a fire will start or not. relative humidity plays a huge role in that and right now bone dry. >> i'm afraid of what's going to happen this summer. people have dry grass and brush around the property. they are going to try to start knocking it down. people trying to do the right thing start fires. you need to have that clearance, that buffer zone around your home. that's what we're told to do but you have to do it right and carefully and not use metal blades and, you know, spark a rock and then you get something going that way. now the smoke has moved into a grove of trees in an open space. it looks like at least from above that the grass around the tree, they have kept it down. it looks like it's not too tall. so hopefully they can keep this thing just within the parameters of the open space near the mall. >> they have really been attacking this fire from the ground and the air. they are getting water from a nearby lake and making as many
6:55 pm
water drops as they can to keep it in the area. and , you know, this is so early for fire season. one of the things that we have been talking about all week long is firefighters they are used to battling these kinds of fires much later in the season so they have had to become acclimated to fighting in these conditions being hot and dry. all these fires sparked up from last week from cigarette butts or little things that have just started, one was even started from a dog bowl. it's just been so hot and dry. >> i guess for people just coming home, if you have been sitting in that traffic, rushing in you have seen the smoke and turning on the tv, the good news we can tell you is that this fire burning in this open space near eastridge mall, fire crews are saying they do have it contained. that's the perimeter they are expecting to be able to keep the flames within this open space around the mall. and as we go to paul to get an idea of our forecast for the weekend and maybe a few days out from there the seven-day?
6:56 pm
>> as we look at the fire burning in san jose, conditions are very ripe for fires to start right now because it has been hot. it has been dry with relative humidity below 30%. that's going to change. that's great news. we are looking at sunday highs down to the 70s even a slight chance of a shower coming up on monday. bottom line, as the temperature goes down, relative humidity goes up. more cloud cover is a sign of more water in the air. the fire danger is going to stay high. i don't see anytime over the next several months where the fire danger is going down to moderate or low. the question, how can we limit the fire danger? we can with humidity and we can with lighter winds and thankfully both of those things will play out towards sunday. for tonight and tomorrow, very concerned for the north bay tomorrow under a red flag warning because humidity is going down and the wind is going to pick up in the north bay hills tomorrow. so that's the place if you are planning ongoing out camping or doing anything outdoors, be smart. 98% of all of these fires are caused by people. so even though the fire danger is high doesn't mean fires spontaneously start. they have to start somehow and
6:57 pm
98% of the time it's us. so if we're smarter even with a high fire danger nothing happens. >> another live look from our chopper cam. you can see the flames kind of beneath the smoke. this is another angle at it. according to san jose fire they have this fire contained but, of course, they are trying to attack it from the ground and from the sky. trying to get it out as soon as possible. >> burning 45 to not quite maybe an hour but it is burning near the eastridge mall. quimby, rigoletto the main intersection. 101 there to the west and west capitol expressway close by. and we are told firefighters as liz said they are keeping it contained to this open space thank goodness but there are homes close by. and we will be keeping our chopper in the air throughout the evening. we have a ground crew headed there. so we'll bring you updates throughout the evening and tonight at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado bl.
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